We Reviewed: Superzero’s Zero Waste Shampoo Bars

Welcome to our review series, where we feature conscious brands that inspire us by building better products. We reviewed Superzero’s Strengthening & Scalp Stimulating Shampoo.

How It Meets Our Value Standards: Strengthening & Scalp Stimulating Shampoo

Why We Love Superzero: They are reducing waste in haircare by removing plastics from the equation. 

About Superzero: Superzero is revolutionizing luxury haircare by eliminating the plastic bottle. Founders Dr. Conny Wittke and Gurval Caer worked with hair clinic specialists to reinvent conventional haircare formulas, traditionally made of 80-90% water, without compromising performance. The result? A clinically proven solid shampoo bar that requires no plastic packaging, has no microplastics and uses much less water than its counterpart. In an industry that is currently the third largest user of rigid plastic packaging, Superzero is becoming the sustainable change needed to drive a positive impact. 

More On The Shampoo: A stimulating shampoo that strengthens the hair from the inside and improves hair health while boosting volume and shine, lifting the hair at the roots, and protecting the hair shaft. Color-safe, sulfate-free, and silicone-free.

What You Should Know: This shampoo was specifically developed for thinning hair hair with clinically proven actives such as caffeine, vegan keratin, amla, and rosemary oil. Activated directly on your scalp and your hair with 5x the concentration of ingredients compared to luxury liquid shampoos – all with clean and planet-friendly ingredients and zero plastic and microplastics.

How it Meets Our Values:

  • Zero Waste: Offering a plastic-free formula, that dually allows for a closed-loop production supply chain, ensuring all bulk product is used. 
  • Carbon Neutral: By reducing greenhouse gas emissions through Climate Partner, which offsets carbon emissions with renewable energy, annually, for each Superzero purchase. Superzero uses 80-90% less water than liquid shampoos, which also significantly decreases carbon emissions.
  • Women-Owned: Superzero is co-founded by Dr. Conny Wittke. 
  • Clean Ingredients: By using natural, plant-based, cruelty-free products that avoid harmful ingredients.

Behind the Brand: Dr. Conny Wittke was the breadwinner of her family, a mother of two, and worked as a beauty executive when she left her corporate career to create Superzero. After learning that the beauty industry was the third largest user of rigid plastic packaging and that premium shampoos used that packaging to contain formulas of 80-90% water, Conny knew something needed to change.