We Reviewed: Open Spaces’ Chic Entryway Rack

Welcome to our review series, where we feature conscious brands that inspire us by building better products. We reviewed Open Spaces’ Entryway Rack.

How It Meets Our Value Standards: Entry

Why We Love Open Spaces: They’re intentionally designed, ethically made organizational goods. 

About Open Spaces: is creating space for the little things in life through beautiful organization essentials. Founders Suze Dowling, Emmett Shine, and Nick Ling were tired of coming home to a cluttered world– especially when already on the edge of burnout. They wanted to find a way to make home a counterpoint to their busy world. Open Spaces was founded as a way to make organization feel intentional and peaceful rather than a chore. Each product is highly versatile, ethically crafted, and helps its users find peace of mind at last. While organization products traditionally are meant to be hidden out of sight, Open Spaces wants to be on display. 

More On The Rack: Thoughtfully designed for versatility, with rounded curves that fit well in tight spaces and a comfortable handle allowing for easy relocation. Each tier holds 22 pounds and is precisely spaced to fit our Bins & Baskets, for a complete organizational system that helps you create more space to enjoy.

What You Should Know: This rack can function as a shoe rack, side table, plant stand, bar cart, bookshelf, nightstand, & anything else you can imagine!

How it Meets Our Values:

  • Ethical Production: By auditing their factories through Amfori for safe working conditions. 
  • Women-Owned: Open Spaces is co-founded by Suze Dowling.

Behind the Brand: Suze Dowling, Emmett Shine, and Nick Ling had been working at an NYC brand agency when they thought up Open Spaces. The trio used their eComm-based knowledge to launch a brand that would embrace small, more intentional lifestyles– ones that saw organization as a mindful habit rather than a chore. Open Spaces’ ethos is to approach organizing in a more empathetic, ethical, and flexible way.