We Reviewed: Onsen’s ethical waffle-cut towels

Welcome to our review series, where we feature conscious brands that inspire us by building better products. We reviewed Onsen’s Waffle Bath Towel.

How It Meets Our Value Standards: Waffle Bath Towel

Why We Love Onsen: They’re elevating bathroom basics without compromising ethical production. 

About Onsen: Onsen is elevating bathroom essentials to create more joyful daily routines. Shane Monson and Conor MacArthur were inspired by Japanese functionality from Shane’s time living and working there. Daily essentials should do their job and do it good, which is why Onsen is creating design-forward basics that retore value through smarter, functional designs.. 

More On The Towel: Luxurious waffle towel set made of premium 100% USA-grown extra-long-staple Supima® cotton. Our signature Waffle towel provides superior absorption in a lightweight towel that lasts a lifetime.

What You Should Know: Up to 45% stronger & longer-lasting than average cotton towels and, the open weave’s flowing curves make it 30% lighter and 50% less bulky than comparable cotton towels.

How it Meets Our Values:

  • Ethical Production: By auditing their factories through SMETA for ethical standards.