We Reviewed: Onekind’s Clean Night Cream

Welcome to our review series, where we feature conscious brands that inspire us by building better products. We reviewed Onekind’s Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer.

How It Meets Our Value Standards: Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer

Why We Love Onekind: They’re determined to create clean, almost entirely vegan skincare formulas.

About Onekind: Onekind is focused on making clean, luxury skincare accessible to all. Co-founded by siblings Madison Ruggieri and Matt Ruggieri, Onekind started as a quest for the “holy grail” of night creams– one that was simultaneously top-shelf quality without the top-shelf price tag or harmful ingredients. After falling down the rabbit hole of beauty chat threads, Madison and Matt spent a decade creating, testing, and recreating formulas. From this quest, Onekind was born to become the luxury, clean, clinical-quality skincare that is accessible and priced for all that we see today.

More On The Cream: This super-charged night cream gets you up and glowing by the AM. Rich in plant-derived squalane and rosehip oils, it locks in moisture and antioxidants to combat fine lines and uneven skin tone. Barley seed and chamomile extracts soothe away redness and irritation from the day. This fast-absorbing but miraculously non-greasy, non-comedogenic moisturizer feels like a dream while delivering the ultimate in skin repair all while you catch a few Zzzz’s. Dermatologist-tested. Clinically tested as non-irritating on sensitive skin. 

What You Should Know: Those suffering from rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis will benefit from its anti-inflammatory characteristics. Dream Cream is a vegan-friendly moisturizer that provides beauty without sacrificing quality.


How it Meets Our Values:

  • Reducing Waste: By producing in small batches and limiting inventory to 6-12 months to avoid overproduction and excess waste. 
  • Women-Owned: Onekind is co-founded by Madison Ruggieri.
  • LGBTQIA+ Owned: Onekind is co-founded by Matt Ruggieri. 
  • Clean Ingredients: By using natural, plant-based, cruelty-free products that avoid harmful ingredients. Onekind uses vegan ingredients (excl. honey and beeswax).

Behind the Brand: Siblings Madison Ruggieri and Matt Ruggieri are skincare veterans who, after over a decade in the industry, discovered that a vital quality was missing from their routines– a skincare line inclusive to all skin types (regardless of gender). Since then, the duo has spent a decade fine-tuning their products to make a one-of-a-kind solution accessible and inclusive for all skin.