We Reviewed: July’s Carbon-Neutral A/C Unit

Welcome to our review series, where we feature conscious brands that inspire us by building better products. We reviewed July’s A/C.

How It Meets Our Value Standards:

Why We Love July: Their carbon neutral efforts, offsetting each of their A/C unit’s first year of emissions. 

About July: is the first A/C unit designed with its user in mind. Founder Muhammad Saigol used his family’s appliance manufacturing expertise and his frustrations with his A/C unit to create July. Thus Muhammed’s goal was to craft an A/C unit that people would look forward to using every summer. July is all this and more; it’s aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, controlled via an app, and produces fewer emissions than its conventional counterpart. Summers have never been this cool. 

More On The Air Conditioner: July is a truly modern window A/C unit that can be controlled with the iOS and Android apps, or by your voice with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. One of the most customizable window A/C ever, where you can choose from our range of advanced filters, upgraded side panels, different color options, and more to make your experience with July even sweeter.

What You Should Know: When compared to many standard window air conditioners of the same size, July A/C produces two-thirds fewer emissions and uses 10% less electricity. In addition, they will offset the carbon emissions from each air conditioner they sell for one year at no cost to you.

How it Meets Our Values:

  • Reducing Waste: By intentionally designing A/C units to last longer with high-quality materials– 20% of which are recycled.
  • Zero Waste: By using almost entirely recyclable materials (all except its compressor) and by not using any single-use plastics.
  • Circularity: Through their repair program, which takes defective or damaged units and uses those parts to repair and refurbish other A/Cs.
  • Carbon Neutral: By reducing greenhouse gas emissions through Carbon Fund, which offsets each A/C unit’s first year of carbon emissions.
  • AAPI-Owned: July is founded by Muhammad Saigol, who identifies as Pakistani. 
  • LGBTQiA+ Owned: July is founded by Muhammad Saigol.

Behind the Brand: Muhammad Saigol was born to a legacy of appliance manufacturers, 70 years in the making. Which is why he was uniquely positioned to look at his traditional A/C unit hanging out of his window and know that there had to be something better– made with the actual user in mind. That’s how Muhammad founded July, an A/C unit that combats the heat and your frustrations.