We Reviewed: Goldmine’s Supershroom Immune Support

Welcome to our review series, where we feature conscious brands that inspire us by building better products. We reviewed Goldmine’s Supershroom Immune Support.

How It Meets Our Value Standards: Supershroom Immune Support

Why We Love Goldmine: They use adaptogens to combat burnout and support mental health + mindfulness. 

About Goldmine: Goldmine is a natural solution to the burnout of modern culture, and the fatigue felt when balancing work and life. Rachael Gorjestani, Tina Hardison, Nali Seeber, and Mayra Hernandez searched for natural ways to alleviate stress when they discovered adaptogens, a versatile ingredient that seamlessly blends into daily routines. Goldmine collaborated with seasoned herbalists to create organic blends to help people optimize their lives and allow them to feel their best, leaving burnout and fatigue behind. 

More On The Supplement: Goldmine Supershroom Immune Support is a blend of immune-boosting mushrooms and herbs paired with lucuma and ginger for easy drinking. Nutrient-dense and packed with our favorite anti-inflammatory immune protecting compounds, this blend supports + strengthens the immune system. Drink on its own or add to your favorite beverage.

What You Should Know: Supershroom contains powerful immune-boosting ingredients to fortify your body’s defenses.

How it Meets Our Values:

  • Woman-owned: Goldmine Adaptogens is founded by Rachael Gorjestani, Nali Seeber, Tina Hardison, and Mayra Hernandez. 
  • Latine-owned: Co-founder, Mayra Hernandez, identifies as Latina.
  • Clean Ingredients: By using natural, plant-based, cruelty-free products that avoid harmful ingredients.
  • Mental Health + Mindfulness: By formulating natural solutions to ease stress and boost immunity through adaptogens.

Behind the Brand: Rachel Gorjestani, like other modern entrepreneurs, was struggling to find a healthy work/life balance, only to teeter on the edge of burnout instead. To manage the fatigue and stress felt in daily life, Goldmine was created as a tool to manage mental well-being through natural herbs and methods so that go-getters like Rachel could finally have it all without sacrificing it all.