Newsletter | Issue #32: Curated by an Aries

Salut! It’s Wednesday and Kate Middleton is still missing. Our fav conspiracy theory? She’s run off into the sunset with Pete Davidson.

— Ioli Baltas, your tea-loving editor

Conscious World ✨

Things to Buy

So you know a Montisori Mom™? We’ll save you the embarassment of bringing a PlayMobil set to the next baby shower and introduce you to some mom-approved, B Corp, and sustainable gifts — you’re welcome.

Here’s something for babies prone to throwing (i.e. all of them), plus a trinket to capture that mom-fluencer aesthetic. Honestly I wish they made this for adults. And don’t look farther than this set of the cutest cutlery to teach them some independence (we all know a co-dependent adult, don’t raise one of ‘em). 

Or, if all else fails, you could always just flake

Best of Aries Gift

All the attitude without the fire

Junes The Everyday Tote, $28

WTHN Facial Cupping Kit,

Lexxola Lulu,

Sophie Lou Jacobsen Piano Cocktail Set,