Newsletter | Issue #31: Who run the world?

Hey hi! It’s Women’s History Month so don’t mind if I fangirl a little bit. This entire newsletter centers around female founders we love– and if you look close enough you may even find a giveaway.

— Ioli Baltas, your she/her editor

Conscious World ✨

Things to Buy

Zoom Call Home Envy. Have you noticed that people with extravagant homes tend to be minimalists (read: Kim Kardashian) and people who live in teeny tiny shoebox NYC apartments tend to be maximalists (read: me)? Yeah… me neither.

The hunt for a way to organize without sacrificing the vibe is so real; why settle when the solution already exists? Our founder, Jaclyn, has this entryway rack and the insurmountable envy I get when I see it in the background during our Zoom calls is unreal.

The good news is I’m not here to tease you, you can win it (in a giveaway worth over $650; ends Friday 06/08).

Best of Oxblood

Did you hear? Barbie-core is out, and its more mature counterpart is IN