Newsletter | Issue #34: new launch announcement

BIG NEWS! Today, we’re launching *privately in beta ????* our new community voted “Best Of” collections – think: “Best of Skincare,” “Best of Housewarming Gifts,” “Best of Dog Gear” and more from top online brands — over on Marmalade (our sister site ????). 

Imagine this: next time you go to Google a great Father’s Day gift, you land on a list ranked and curated by real people with super unique findsWoah. You can join in by upvoting your fav products, dropping real & authentic content, and helping others discover the products you trust most! 

P.S. And if you’re super into this, we’re also launching an exclusive superfan community of peeps who want a say in the categories we’re ranking, brands we’re curating, and who are up for obsessing over online brands with us (with prize incentives ofc). Become a superfan here.

— Jaclyn Grauman, your brand obsessed founder

Conscious World ✨

Best of Skincare

The results are in! These are the internet’s current top 4 skincare products from small, founder-led, mission-driven brands ❤️

, $40


Things to Buy

Things are heating up, and to celebrate the warming Spring weather we sat down with the founder behind aesthetic , Muhammad Saigol, to talk shop about all things sustainable cooling.

Q: What sets July apart from traditional AC units?

Muhammad: July has re-imagined the window A/C, entirely distinct from any others on the market. July has a beautiful and customizable aesthetic; a patented installation system that makes it safer, easier, and quicker than any other unit; and emits 2/3rds less emissions than most traditional A/Cs. On top of that, we are the first window A/C in the market to offer air purification capabilities.

Q: What made you start a responsible AC company?

Muhammad: A/C is one of the world’s largest contributors to global warming – but the reality is that, in a changing climate, A/C only becomes more necessary, for a longer period of time, in more places. And while A/C is part of the problem, the other truth is that it can be harmful to human health to be in extreme heat. I started July because I believed that there had to be a better way to balance those two objectives – keeping comfortably cool and reducing the impact on the environment.  

Q: What’s your fav thing about Summer?

Muhammad: I named the company after the month of its inception – but also my favorite time of the year. Summer is the most glorious time of year – it’s the time to get out and explore nature, take day trips to the beach, and take long evening walks in the city. For me, summer is about adventure.