Newsletter | Issue #33: Calling all Spring Cleaners

Hi hi! It’s somehow April already, which means we’re hoarding allergy medication, getting in our Spring Cleaning state-of-mind, and finding you some groovy giveaways.

— Ioli Baltas, your sneezing editor

Conscious World ✨

Things to Win

A Spring Upgrade Giveaway. Everyone knows that the secret to productivity is not found in that third iced coffee, nor in compulsively checking your Gmail as if it’s just another social media app. No, the obvious secret to productivity is having an aesthetic office setup. Don’t believe us? Ask .

Sent a GCal invite? . Got a slack about an “urgent” issue? Write it out on . Coworker won’t stop eating egg salad? . Basically, have a desk worthy of Pinterest.

Oh, and of course, you can win all these office upgrades (and more) in this giveaway worth over $900. We wouldn’t tease you like that on a Wednesday.

Best of Busy-Bee Essentials

Curated by clean beauty founder Connie Lo; inspired by the Y2K romcom heroine who swore by her pager