Forward Newsletter Intro | Issue 01: Your wake up call

Hey hey,

Welcome to the first ever Forward newsletter: the new cornerstone of casual conscious shopping and everyday life. We launched the Forward newsletter because, well, we’ve been wanting to spend more time with you.

A compilation of the best of the best for you, ranging from how we spend our weekends to how Cold-Pressed oils are the future of skincare. Hopefully this will be a better companion than that triple-shot espresso getting you through the morning. See you in your inbox, every Wednesday.

-Jaclyn + Michelle, Founders

@jaclyngrauman & @miche.silverstein

The Latest: Newest Brands to Join Our Crew

Folden Lane: Beautiful baskets to organize the mess we call our lives: from the shoes waiting for just the RIGHT occasion to wear; to the COVID hobbies you’ve since abandoned; or the drawer of takeout menus you’ve never thrown out (honestly, it’s not 2015, we have seamless now ????).

Nori is looking to downsize your routine with the next sleek generation of wrinkle removal. Who even has space for an ironing board? Skip all that and hide a Nori in the nooks and crannies of your closet for any wrinkle-mishap.

Busy Doing What?: Our Founders Keeping it Real

Jaclyn’s Busy…

  • Jotting down my thoughts on conscious consumerism in this Medium article ✍️
  • Hanging with my pup Pancake ???? and considering reactivating his instagram.
  • Trying not to have a Resting Beach Face ???? every time I go out in the sun.
  • City-biking around Williamsburg, find me at  Sunday in BrooklynY7 or Egg Shop – b/c damn if cardio isn’t important.

Michelle’s Busy…

  • Still decorating the apartment I moved into many many months ago– COVID delays are real! For now I’ll have to take pleasure in the small things, like pillows
  • Stickering Lower Manhattan with The Verticale stickers– ready or not Nolita! 
  • Avoiding hangovers ???? with non-alcoholic wines (the more the merrier, no?)
  • Tracking how many times I stop to pet a dog on my morning runs– how can you not?! ????

Diving Deep:  Something you didn’t know about Cold Processing– Why it Exists and How it Works.

Traditionally, your shampoos and conditioners are formulated with a conventional heating method. Mixed at over 300ºF (for 5+ hours), the heat in this method evaporates active ingredients and needs parabens, silicons, and sulfates to stabilize and aid performance. This process is lengthy and bad for natural ingredients.

Enter Act & Acre’s Cold-Processed technology, dreamed up by founder and celebrity hairstylist Helen Reavey. How is cold processing different? Firstly, cold pressed ingredients maintain and strengthen the potency of nutrients and oils. Act & Acre’s Cold Process uses hyperbaric chambers, ice cold water, and 1,200 pounds of pressure to combine plant-based ingredients. By never exceeding a temperature of 68ºF, the active ingredients remain fresh and potent.  

Act + Acre’s products help hair at the root of the issue: the scalp! The impact of their innovative formulas has been proven in clinical studies done by Princeton Lab: a consistent regimen will remove 95% of scalp and hair buildup while simultaneously promoting healthy hair shine and growth.

See ya next week, same time same place.

Act + Acre