Emily Anderberg’s Guide to an Eco-Friendly Home

Welcome to our community series, where we feature people who inspire us by living consciously every day. Emily Anderberg dropped in to share the brands she lives by and the values she prioritizes.

Hey, I’m Emily, currently in Santa Monica, and I think that as our world continues to grow, we should be mindful of our resources and what we consume. I try to be conscious and educated with my purchases and even my hobbies– like cooking or traveling

Here are my fav things on the internet.


Prong Fruit Bowl

A handcrafted coiled bowl, ideal for storing fruits and veggies



A luxurious, long-lasting candle in ceramic vessel


Scoop Lamp x Analuisa Corrigan

Unique 3D printed lamp inspired by ceramic form and texture

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What was the inspiration behind your “Eco-Friendly Home Decor” list?

These days we are home a lot so curating your space to feel cozy and comforting is important. I love to find pieces that bring me joy and a sense of zen.

I shop consciously cool b/c...

I love Mother Earth and want to help shape a sustainable future for all.

What I'm...

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    Based on a True Story
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    None of this true by Lisa Jewell
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    The girlfriends true crime podcast

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