Delanique Millwood’s Rules To Shop By For Holiday & Everyday

Shop Impactful Brands and Support Diverse Founders.

Among creating Skintellect, a platform for people to come together and share stories about their daily skincare routines and troubles to normalize every skin type, Delanique Millwood aka @delanique is just like us: a virgo, loves any action-packed TV drama, and cares about supporting impactful brands. While we are shopping for the holidays today and everyday tomorrow, Delanique reminds us to consider the power of our dollar. As a Black Woman in 2020, her dollar is so strong— she wants to use it to help the people who look like her and be the change she wants to see in the world of Black-Owned and Female-Owned Business.

Delanique grew up in Jamaica and now she is living here in the US spending the holiday season with her immediate family. Her favorite holiday memories involve time spent in the kitchen cooking up classic Jamaican dishes and lots of laughing. Now more than ever, Delanique values the quality time spent with each and everyone in her family. That’s why she wants to shop for gifts with a conscious mind— to help inspire her mother, sister, and friends to do the same.

There is no doubt we are in the beginning waves of conscious shopping. Like us, Delanique takes the time to learn about brand values before adding to her cart. When you are shopping this year, “think about what makes you feel good,” says Delanique. That’s not just keeping your toes warm with socks and joggers from Everybody & Everyone, it’s also the feeling of empowerment you get from shopping a brand that gives back, and supports inclusivity for all.

Now, the moment you’ve all been reading for: here is Delanique’s list of brands to shop this holiday season and every day after.

Let It Glow Trio, $108

First up, is Act + Acre’s Scalp Detox. As a skincare guru, Delanique remembers that her hair also looks for the same nourishment her skin does. Act + Acre’s clean ingredients are suitable for all hair types, making it easy to nourish and clean her scalp whenever it needs a pick-me-up.

Next, let’s talk about skincare. Delanique is adding Onekind to her normal routine. Mask-ne is real and if you are wondering how to put a stop to it, the 24/7 Perfect Pair is the answer. Delanique is loving that the Golden State Nourishing Oil is filled with carrot seed and rosehip oil which is good for any acne-prone skin. Then, she is using AAVRANI’s Balance Restoring Serum to minimize pore restore moisture using tea tree oil, cucumber extract, and chamomile extract. Delanique’s picks not only use clean ingredients, but they are also supporting Female Founders and Women of Color. Three cheers to good skin and supporting women.

Balance Restoring Serum, $60