David Komisarchik on conscious lifestyle upgrades

Welcome to our community series, where we feature people who inspire us by living consciously every day. David Komisarchik dropped in to share the brands he lives by and the values he prioritizes.

Hi, I’m David, a Brooklynite who’s trying to be more intentional about my purchases, because I want to see a future with purpose, rather than one of meaningless consumption. When I’m not creating content or taking beautiful photographs, I’m at the gym, watching something good (in the MCU), or trying a new restaurant. 

Here are my fav things on the internet.


The Royale 2.0

I’ve always been a fan of Greats. They’re great quality and will last long.


Humble Brush Adult

I love an Eco-friendly toothbrush. I’m always on the hunt for soft bristles.


Ring Holder

This is just beautiful. I love pieces that elevate a home and small items like this do that.

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What was the inspiration behind your “Eco-Friendly and Sleek Home Products” list?

I like things that catch my eye and exude a sense of luxury. I picked items on both my fashion finds and home lists that exemplify that.

I shop consciously cool b/c...

I believe that you should be intentional about what you purchase. I also believe in holding brands accountable

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